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Política de idiomas

Language policy

Jueves 30 de abril de 2015

Our academic offer comprises both Secondary Education and Advanced Vocational Training courses. We have three foreign language departments (English, French and German) and we are a certified bilingual centre for the German language in Secondary Education. Thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages at all levels of our organization, foreign students and teachers will be able to find suitable assistance in every step of the programme.

Beginning this year (2015), IES Séneca is the designated examining centre for the DELF and DALF (junior et escolaire) exams in Cordoba province by the Institut Culturel Français, which is authorized by the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (French Ministry of Education).

As well, we maintain a directory of public and private local entities providing language courses and related services, so inbound students and staff can find additional courses in their catalogues to improve their knowledge.

At the beginning of the mobility period we offer intensive courses in Spanish to those students that request them. We also have study materials translated to English in order to help those students in need of additional support. Most mentors are part of the related department, so they offer both their knowledge in their field and in the common foreign language (English usually). As mentioned before, we have Departments of English, French and German languages, so additional support in those languages is available should the need arise.

Those of our students that intend to take part in the mobility programs must provide evidence of their language proficiency either in English or the language used of the receiving institution. They must have at least one year’s full-time study and satisfactory upper secondary school level in the chosen foreign language.

Finally, there are also voluntary student assistants available for incoming students and staff for advice and support.